Best Affordable Pakistani Brands for Women (2024)

Best Affordable Pakistani Brands for Women (2024)

In a country where fashion and affordability often go hand in hand, Pakistan's clothing industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation. The quest for stylish yet affordable Pakistani women clothing has led to the emergence of numerous clothing brands that cater to a budget-conscious audience.

This article delves into the vibrant world of the most affordable eastern clothing brands in Pakistan, offering a variety of options for those ladies who wish to stay fashionable without breaking the bank.

From casual wear to formal attire, these brands promise to cover all your fashion needs while respecting your budget constraints. So, whether you're a student on a tight budget or someone looking for economical wardrobe updates, join us on this journey to discover the hidden gems of Pakistan's budget-friendly fashion landscape.

Top 5 Best Affordable Pakistani Brands for Women (2024)

  • Silayi Pret
  • Ethnic
  • Khaadi 
  • Limelight
  • Gul Ahmed

Silayi Pret

We at Silayi Pret have always put the women of Pakistan first and foremost when it comes to our brand. We've made sure all of our ready-to-wear dresses including embroidered dresses and semi formals, we want to be known for our fashion-forward designs and quality craftsmanship, offering a range of stylish and contemporary outfits that resonate with the modern woman, starting at just Rs. 2600 which should be easily affordable for the majority of Pakistani women when it comes to Eastern Wear 

  1. Affordable Pricing: Silayi Pret's pricing is highly competitive, offering high-quality fashion at accessible rates. For instance, their embroidered 2PC dresses, originally priced at Rs. 5,650, are now available at Rs. 2,950. Other embroidered dresses in their collection are similarly discounted, with prices ranging from Rs. 3,050 to Rs. 3,250. Maxi dresses, a highlight of their collection, are available from Rs. 2,850 to Rs. 3,850, offering an array of choices for different preferences and occasions

  2. Diverse Range of Dresses: Silayi Pret's range includes various styles of maxi dresses, like the Embroidered Maxi Dress - Flora, priced at Rs. 3,850, and other attractive options such as the Embroidered Maxi Dress - Apple and Orange, both at the same price. They also offer plain maxi dresses like the Plain Maxi Dress -Pinky and Mango, priced at Rs. 2,850. For more formal occasions, Silayi Pret provides options like the Chiffon Embroidered Dress and Raw Silk Embroidered Dresses, with prices ranging from Rs. 6,250 to Rs. 7,850​. 


Ethnic by Outfitters, true to its name, offers modern, urban designs at affordable prices. It caters to the young demographic looking for contemporary styles, offering chic tops and stylish bottoms that don't break the bank.

  1. Winter Collection - Cozy and Fashionable: The Ethnic by Outfitters Winter Collection 2024 features beautiful outfits designed with warm winter wear materials such as high-quality khaddar, viscose, yard-dyed, velvet, and organza fabrics. The collection includes one-piece Kurtis, two-piece, and three-piece dresses, with patterns that are both traditional and modern. The unstitched winter collection features a range of designs, including digital prints and embroidered details. Prices for these elegant and cozy outfits start from as low as Rs. 1,695 for a Digital Print 2-Piece Zari Linen Suit​.


Khaadi has gained immense popularity for its fusion of traditional and modern designs. Especially favored are its kurtas and dresses, popular among young adults. The brand consistently provides value for money, often featuring promotions that make its trendy collections more accessible.

  1. Winter Collection - Warmth in Style: Khaadi's Winter Collection 2024 features a range of printed and embroidered Khaddar, Karandi, and Cambric fabrics. The collection includes floral printed light blue color 1-pc suits for PKR 2,990, embroidered 3-piece green color winter unstitched suits for PKR 7,990, and more. They also offer a sale on items like printed embroidered light khaddar 3-piece suits, now available for PKR 2,995​.

  2. Summer Collection - Cool and Contemporary: The Summer Collection includes a variety of embroidered and printed unstitched suits, along with a Western Pret Collection. The prices for items like the yellow summer kurta start at PKR 2,690. The collection also features printed, solid, and embroidered tops and tunics made with materials like polyester crepe and viscose, priced at around PKR 4,290​.

  3. Khaas Unstitched Embroidered Collection: For formal and party wear, Khaadi offers the “Khaas” collection, featuring beautifully embellished dresses in oak silk texture with prices ranging from PKR 15,990 to PKR 19,990. These suits are perfect for winter celebrations and parties, adding a touch of glamour to any occasion​.

  4. Ready to Wear - Effortless Elegance: Khaadi’s ready-to-wear collection includes basic kurtas starting from PKR 2,490 and embroidered winter kurtas priced up to PKR 6,990. These are available in a variety of fabrics like cambric, slub, and khaddar, perfect for the winter season​.


Limelight presents a wide variety of clothing options, including western and eastern wear, along with accessories. The brand is known for its consistent quality and reasonable pricing, making it a preferred choice for trend-seekers on a budget.

  1. Winter Collection - Cozy Elegance: Limelight’s Winter Collection 2024 includes comfy Khaddar dresses, Yarn0Dyed dresses, and an exclusive Cambric Collection. The collection offers 1pc winter cambric shirts starting at PKR 1,099, two-piece cambric suits from PKR 2,399, and three-piece winter cambric suits from PKR 3,499. Additionally, they have a refined winter cotton collection and a warm slub khaddar and yarn-dyed collection, with prices ranging up to PKR 6,999 for embroidered yarn dyed suits​.


Gul Ahmed, a name synonymous with quality and affordability in Pakistan's fashion industry, continues to captivate its audience with an array of collections suited for different seasons and occasions. In 2024, the brand remains a go-to destination for shoppers seeking style without overspending with prices starting at just around Rs. 4000 PKR to kick things off.

  1. Winter Collection - Warmth and Style Combined: Gul Ahmed's Winter Collection for 2024 features a variety of materials like khaddar, karandi, and velvet, perfect for the cold weather. Their two and three-piece Dhanak dresses, known for their comfort and warmth, are available at prices like PKR 4,199. They also offer pre-fall cambric collections, linen karandi jacquard, and stunning cotton embroidered outfits, with prices ranging from PKR 3,990 to PKR 8,590​.

  2. Summer Lawn Collection - Breezy and Beautiful: The Summer Lawn Collection is a highlight, with a 20% discount on items like the 3PC Lawn Unstitched Foil Printed Suit, now available for PKR 4,182, and 2PC Lawn Unstitched Printed Shirt Trousers Suit for PKR 2,457. These suits are known for their vibrant designs and comfortable fabric, perfect for the warmer months​.

  3. Eid Collection - Festive and Fabulous: For Eid 2024, Gul Ahmed has launched a special collection including unstitched sequins embroidered chiffon suits with chiffon dupattas and lawn shirts with yarn-dyed dobby dupattas. Prices for these exquisite outfits range from PKR 7,000 to PKR 14,500, offering options for everyone's Eid wardrobe