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167 products

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Cheapest Pret Dresses in Pakistan

Silayi Pret have always made it our mission to provide affordability for the modern woman of Pakistan. This includes our never before seen collection of pret wear in Pakistan that is sure to knock your socks off (not literally but you get the idea). We provide variety in designs, colors and stunning eastern wear with the typical Silayi Pret touch.

Ready to Wear Pret Dresses

We've made these dresses with the aim for them to be ready to wear the moment you buy them. We've studied the modern woman of Pakistan and it suggests that in 2024, a lot more women like to do just that rather than go to a tailor (darzi Urdu main) as the costs are astronomical.

Our embroidered dresses are the perfect example of this and we can't wait for you to wear them the day you get them